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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fruits I like to eat

There are wide varieties of tasty and nutritious tropical fruits found in Malaysia - both locally grown and imported. They are sold in supermarkets, stalls and open-air night markets. Some can be found year round, like papaya and watermelon while others, like durian, rambutan and ciku, are seasonal.

There are many ways to eat the fruit. Some are best eaten fresh, while others, like banana and jackfruits can be made into tasty fritters. The juicy ones like watermelon, starfruits are both eaten as dessert as well as pressed for juices. Some of the fruits are also made into jam, preserves and pickle. Do make it a point to sample some of these fruits while you are in Kuala Lumpur.

I like to eat fruits. They are sweet, juicy and rich in vitamin C. I believe in the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Therefore, I always have a slice of fruit after every meal.

I love to eat honey-dew melon. As the name suggests, the fruit tastes honey sweet. It comes in two types; the green melon and the orange melon. Both taste just as good but usually only the former is used or making dessert. I can’t help but long for a bowl of icy cold honey-dew sago on a hot day.

I also like eating papaya. My mother says it helps digestion because it is a natural mild laxative. I love to drink papaya milk too. It is easy to prepare and it tastes so good when it is chilled. Each time my uncle visits us, he will bring us lots of papayas and other fruits form his orchard.

Mango is also one of my favorite fruits. It has a very sweet smell. Mangoes can be made into very tasty mango puddings or cakes. However, too much mango can cause constipation.

These fruits that I like can be bought from fruit stalls in wet-markets or at the supermarkets. Luckily, they do not cost as much as fruits like durians or strawberries.


  1. skiping la pulokkkkk !!!!

    i like buah jabit.....

  2. I like apples!! hehe..

  3. fulamak.. power siut.. cakap org putih lak.. go liza.. go..go liza.. go..